money, money, money, money!
September 28, 2009

Last night I dreamed that  a lady I worked with and I were collecting money for one reason or another.  Someone brought us a purse that had been in lost and found for years.  We loved the purse, so we decided we would keep the purse, but leave the items in the purse in case the owner came back for it.  It was a cute bag.  We started looking in the wallet and found that there was a lot of money.  We were looking through it, and Dianne found a 1400 dollar bill.  I was hella confused.  Then, she found a couple of two dollar bills and told me to keep one for good luck.  I was stoked because I need money, and I pointed out that the money would really help me.  She said, “Be careful, if you keep this money, it’s likely to cause you bad luck.  It may not really be as big a blessing as you perceive.”  I just thought to myself, yeah, whatever.  As I kept looking, I noticed that the bills were in denominations that do not exist (15, 4, etc.).  I looked at the license, and it was from a state abbreviated “PK.”  This also confused me, but Dianna said it was the new abbreviation for Pennsylvania.  I accepted this as truth, but continued to question the denominations of the money.  The last thing I remember was hiding the money in a medicine cabinet along with Percocets we found in the purse.


doo doo on your shoes
August 15, 2009

Ok, this one is strange and kind of jumped all around.  I know I was sitting in a circle of people.  My cousin Lisa was there and Raisin was there, but that’s all I know for sure.  I do know that there were both males and females present.  We were playing some type of game, and I was asking the questions.  I went through the questions, told the answers, and then asked the questions again.  When no one knew the answer, I was completely puzzled, thinking, “You guys are either dumb or deaf.”  I do know I was trying to cheat so that Raisin would win, like I was nodding when she would say the answer, letting her know it was the right one.  I think we were betting on the game, because one of the dudes totally busted me for cheating.

I went into the bathroom for some reason that had to do with the game.  The bathroom was in someone’s bedroom, so I closed the door to the bedroom, but the door to the bathroom was still open.  While I was in there, I stepped in poop (I had shoes on, thank all things holy, that would be disgusting, even in a dream).  At first, I thought it was dog poop.  Well, what I stepped in may have been from a dog, but then I saw a (no kidding) 2 foot turd that had to have come from a human.  I knew I had to get rid of it, because I didn’t want anyone to go in after me and think that I had pooped in the floor.  I had a computer in there with me, and the page we needed for the game was taking forever to load, so I blamed that for my long absence.  Luckily, the poop was on a magazine, so I lifted the magazine and dumped it into the toilet.  It kind of sizzled when I put it in there.

I rejoined the group and thought everything was cool.  Someone noticed the poop on my shoe.  I blamed it on the dog.