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“Peanut Butter Unicorns”
October 1, 2009

I had a dream/nightmare last night. Some friends including my bro and his wife and I were all tripping on a drug that made characters… …we saw on t.v. come to life. However something went terribly wrong and while I was outside the house caught fire & I could hear their screams of horror. I woke up at that point but I made myself go back and finish it. It ended with me killing Mike Myers (the villain) with a shotgun and some decapitation.

Those screams though, they are still getting to me today.

Submitted by Lyn in New Orleans


Lots of people talk to animals…. Not very many listen, though…
September 2, 2009

I have reoccurring dreams about bizarre hybrid animals.  I have for a long time.  When I was pregnant with my first child I dreamed I conceived her outdoors and owl sperm somehow got inside me and fertilized the egg at the same time as my husbands’ so when I birthed her she was half-owl.  I loved her anyway but was very disappointed I couldn’t breastfeed because she had a beak.

Lately there has been an animal in three of my recent dreams.  It looks like a manatee only it’s hairy and not in the water, and it runs with the grace and speed of a deer, only it’s the size of a large hippo.  It was in a dream last night, running through my yard and I was like “What is that?”  My mother was there and said it was a cow, but I looked at it in the face, closely, and said, “I’ve never seen a cow like that before.”

Here is a rather long dream I had before I went on my recent cross-country trip:

I’m at my friend Linda’s and for some reason I feel very grateful she is letting me and my kids stay with her.  She has stocked the fridge for us, filled with fruit salad, yellow meat water melon, and sweet potatoes.  I’m feeling very grateful as I go to fix the kids a drink.  They want more green tea and I’m looking for the bottle and when I spot it across the room it looks full, but when I approach it’s near empty.  There is a HUGE bottle of gatorade-type drink beside it so I scoop that up too.  I’m worried about all the sugar in it but when I look at the side I see it’s sugar-free.  I pour their drinks.

Linda and I have to go somewhere and the kids are fine with that.  Someone I trust is keeping them but upon wakening I don’t know who.  I feel good about going.  We get on the road and we’re on a country road and I’m glad for her friendship.  Suddenly we’re at the corner of AAA Produce by the Mug and Cone in Louisville, facing toward GP.  We’re at the intersection and the road ahead is dirt.  There are men working on trucks and it looks scary.  All of a sudden we’re on foot.  We see something up ahead, very close.  I’m like “What the fuck is that, a llama?” but as it turns I see it is a camel, one with a very long neck and as it turns and I see its profile with the setting sun behind it, it lets out this camel noise, a high pitched horn-like sound and I am struck with terror.  I tell Linda they are setting up some type of simulated Middle-East base, and I’m not sure what exactly it is but it’s military stuff.  This is the second time I’ve dreamed this about this area of town.

We turn right to get away from it and when we get on that road we see to the left of us another animal.  It’s a horse, a brown horse, but the body is the size of a Shetland pony and the neck and head are enormous.  It is so scary.  Trotting past it is a horse that is so deformed it looks like – I dunno, but it is changing colors like in the Wizard of Oz but I think, “This is not pretty in real life, it’s scary.”  Then a voice says – and I’m not longer sure if I said this, or if it was a voice in my head, but someone said, “This world is about to become a very scary place.”

Someone then walks by us with a black bear, smallish, on a leash, only his back end moves like a lizard.  We’re so scared so we decide to get off that street immediately and we run to the right, into a yard with a big pretty apartment complex, like a huge old mansion turned into apartments.  Automatically we see these two ENORMOUS dogs that get up to come toward us.  They’re white with brown spots.  We see there’s a third dog that is normal sized but I realize it’s because that’s their baby.  We are very frightened of the dogs.  They aren’t snarling or acting menacing, but they are huge – at least as big as horses.  We want to get away from them and quick!  We start toward the house – careful not to run – and there is a middle aged black man trying to get in.  He knocks for someone and then leans his back on the door, watching the dogs with terror on his face.  I somehow know he lives there and think, “This is not a good sign that he, who lives here, is scared too.”

As we approach the door opens and we all go in.  There’s an older white man inside, ushering the three of us inside.  I notice it’s dilapidated and old and there’s no furniture in any of the rooms.  “You should call the super,” I say, which is strange since “super” is not a word I would use in real life, and they look at me.  “There is no super,” one of them says.

I think about how much time has passed since we left and I just want to be at home with my kids.  I begin to wonder if I will ever see them again.

Partying hard? Hardly partying…
August 15, 2009

I had a party that just kept getting bigger and bigger, like the party I had on July 18, 1995.  I remember that date because that remains the largest party I have ever BEEN to, and it was at my house.  It was like every single person from my high school came and brought their brothers, sisters, and cousins.  It was an awful experience for me, first of all because I was dating a few different guys casually and they all showed up, and also because I spent the entire night trying to make sure people weren’t tearing my parents’ house apart.  I had to keep people from making long distance calls, from taking advantage of my friend who liked to get naked when he got drunk, from smoking in the house, and from fighting with each other.  There was one guy who kept kinda picking at my dog, and I told him if he fucked with my dog just one more time I was going to kick his ass.  I don’t say that kind of thing often so when I do, you should pay attention.  He did not, and I caught him giving my dog alcohol.  So that was the only time I have balled up my fist and punched someone in the face (and then kicked him out).

So this dream, it involved a similar party that was getting out of hand and I look in the back yard to discover that some jackasses back there are pouring solo cups of water on my dog, Annabelle.  One of them would pour water on her and when she ran away from him she would unknowingly run toward another asshole with a cup of water to pour on her.  I stormed out there screaming at them and they all ran into the woods behind my house.  I was so furious I wanted to KILL them, but instead I got a fire hose from the side of my house (wtf right) and thought, “I’ll show these assholes what it feels like to be scared and wet alright…”  That was it.

Home sweet- AAAAHHHHH!!
August 15, 2009

In this dream, my mother has obviously been helping me house/apartment hunt and she’s found something she’s excited to show me.  I’m excited about moving out, but when I walk into this house I’m automatically disappointed.  It’s the kitchen – there’s this huge hump on the floor.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a barn loft or old Victorian house that has become unlevel, but that’s exactly what this looks like, a big unlevel spot on the floor, as if a beam is trying its best to break through.  It is confusing to me because somehow in the dream I know that this is a one story and there’s no basement.  But regardless of this fact, there is this huge unlevel spot that I can’t believe my mother hasn’t noticed.  As I point it out to her I step on top of it to illustrate just how unlevel it is.  The floor starts to move beneath me though, and I look down to see that it is moving in all different directions, as if I have disturbed some creatures bedded up under the floor.  As they scatter they make waves in the linoleum that make me nauseous and terrified at the same time and I run from the house screaming.

Total Exposure
August 15, 2009

I dreamed I was at a restaurant.  It was really kinda nice, and the lights gave off this soft glow (candles on the table maybe?).  I was at a round table with people I know and respect.  I firmly believe some of you were there.  When I woke up I distinctly remember thinking my “blog readers” were present.  But other people were there, too.  People I didn’t feel as comfortable with, but I respect and like.  Like maybe GG?  I can’t say I’ve dreamed about him, but the people at the table were a bit of an amalgamation of people like him – people I respect and can trust and talk to, but with whom I am not yet very comfortable.  People who make me feel as if I have NO idea what they really think of me or how they really feel about anything.

And something happens and I can’t tell you exactly what, it’s very blurry.  It’s something like I’m digging through my purse and a razor blade falls out, and I’m very embarrassed so I try to scoop it up, and when I bend over and get it in my hand my hair falls in my face and I push it back.  When I do, I scrape my face.  I am mortified that everyone at this table is about to see all this, so I’m trying to put a napkin to my face and then examine it to see if it is indeed just a scratch or if it’s bleeding bad.  When I look at the napkin I think, “whew” it’s not bad, I can say I just scratched myself with my fingernail, but as I look at my nails I realize that I must have gripped that damn blade too hard or snatched it too quickly because my index finger is cut, and deep.  I start to panic as I think, “Holy shit this is going to need stitches,” and it’s not the stitches I’m upset over but the fact that this one will be too deep and messy to hide, and everyone at this table is about to see it.