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Life’s a Stage
October 15, 2009

I can’t remember what order everything happened in, so I’m describing this dream with keywords:

Musical, faking french accents, choir, arguing, 2 or 3 other women, elaborate Victorian dress, stage, audience, comedy, acting, theater, singing in the audience, rehearsing, not reading a script as much as reading dialogue from a novel


A dream is a wish your heart tweets
October 12, 2009

I’ll post this dream in tweet format. It’s only appropriate. (Yes, that’s my twitter name below. Feel free to follow/stalk me.)

kitchenrockstar just remembered that last night I dreamed Twitter released a new web interface, complete w/ a jquery’d-up retweet button. #nerd #ihavenolife

“Peanut Butter Unicorns”
October 1, 2009

I had a dream/nightmare last night. Some friends including my bro and his wife and I were all tripping on a drug that made characters… …we saw on t.v. come to life. However something went terribly wrong and while I was outside the house caught fire & I could hear their screams of horror. I woke up at that point but I made myself go back and finish it. It ended with me killing Mike Myers (the villain) with a shotgun and some decapitation.

Those screams though, they are still getting to me today.

Submitted by Lyn in New Orleans

Something to do with a circus
September 29, 2009

Last night I dreamed something about a circus. I can’t remember the details. I am mostly sending this to test wordpress’s email post feature 🙂

what the pluck?
September 19, 2009

I sometimes get ingrown hairs on the back of my thighs and pluck at them with tweezers. In my dream, I was doing that. Over and over again, I plucked to pull the hairs out from under the skin, and when I did, it would reveal a hair that was over a foot LONG. It’d be like a hair that should’ve been on my head, but it was hanging from my leg. It was more astonishing than it was gross. I found several of these outrageously long leg hairs before awaking.

Hold the Pickles
September 1, 2009

My family (mom, dad, siblings – hubby was not there) and I were in a restaurant. We’re talking. I look at the menu, at several different types of chili you could order. Now, after being awake for 10 hours, I can’t recall if I ate some chili in the dream or if I just saw a picture of it in the menu. I can’t remember tastes or smells (although I’ve had dreams with both of those senses in them before).

Next, evidently two servers or busboys meet directly behind me. I hear them talking, but I never see them. One is apparently holding an empty pickle jar. The other comments, “Damn, you served a lot of pickles. There isn’t even hardly any juice in there!” (not verbatim) The other responds, “Yeah, I know, I just kind of drizzle the pickle juice onto the pickles…” or something, I can’t remember.

As I listened, I began to feel disgusted, because I LOATHE EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT PICKLES WITH THE FIRE OF A SUPERNOVA. And hearing about pickle juice just makes me feel even more sick.  It reminds me of, in high school, I had a teacher who would make “pickle-sicles” by freezing pickle juice into little paper cups, then selling it as part of a fundraiser for a club. OMG, I would rather lick my cat’s asshole…..

She’s got a baby inside…
August 30, 2009

I want to discuss a recurring dream that I’ve had every 2-3 months several times now.  I am giving birth. In the last dream I had, it was triplets. But I’ve also dreamed of twins and single babies. In the dream, the sensations – of feeling the baby inside my belly, of pushing the infant through my birth canal – are very vivid.  However, giving birth is never painful. I never remember much about actually MEETING the babies – what they look like or how I feel or what I say or anything. My main memories of the dreams are the childbirth process (unrealistic as it may be – I’ve heard it kinda hurts!) and discussing possible names with my husband. It’s kind of funny, in the dreams, the subject of the baby name comes up very suddenly, as though we had never thought about it until then!  Like we’re caught off guard trying to figure out what to name the kid. But the dreams are always very pleasant, I am very happy to become a mother in them, and I wake up and have that “mommy itch” for WEEKS after the dream.

Ah, the mommy itch, as I have dubbed it. I’ve had it before, but lately it has gotten to making more frequent and intense visits. I walk into my home after work and greet my 2 cats as “babies”. “Hi little babies!” “Oh I wuv my wittle babies!”.  I look at Facebook, read the statuses of mothers and expectant mothers with a crazy excitement. I look at photos of pregnant friends of mine. Try to imagine what it feels like to have life fluttering inside your tummy. I practically drool at baby photos. I gleefully watch videos of small kids doing cute things on the internet.

Oh, the horror! Only six months ago, I would rather die than have to deal with some screaming kid. Now all I see is the love between parents and children, and want to feel that kind of connection. I want to love something more than myself.

Ex Sex
August 24, 2009

Finally! I remembered a dream enough to blog it here. I only wish it were more original than the old “slept with my ex-boyfriend” cliche.

But it is what it is. Last night I dreamed I had sex with my ex-boyfriend from high school. The sex was as uninteresting as it always used to be. I made very little noise, if you know what I mean, but I still wasn’t as church-mouse silent as I was when we dated in real life – when I was a very sexually shy teenager. At some point he stopped what he was doing to insult my prowess. He said, “You don’t say much, do you?” I don’t remember how I responded, or if I did at all. The next thing I remembered was lying next my ex, feeling ashamed because I’m married in real life now.