Mad Men, Mad Woman

I dreamed the other night that I was working extremely hard to organize and redecorate a TV stand of sorts.  I think that I was at home, but there was also some office supplies, so I am not positive.  I was pleased with what I had done, especially considering I had not picked out the decor and the whole room was a huge mess before I worked on it.

My phone rings.  It’s a landline, not my cell phone.  I have an inkling as to who it is, as a car driven by the same person was coming up my street.  I was totally right.  It was Don Draper.  Not Jon Hamm, the actor, but Don Draper, the character.  I knew the moment I heard his voice that I’d been having an affair with him.  I began feeling a mixture of emotions: excitement, guilt, sadness for Betty Draper, just to name a few.  

I decided to act as though I was not at home, but, as I had all ready answered, he knew I was lying.  He also said, “I can see you through the window.”  I let him come in.  I knew he wanted to have sex, but I was waiting for him to notice the work I had done on the house.  I refused to have sex with him and became quite angry when he never said anything about my TV stand.  I shouted at him to get out and go back to his perfect wife.

I woke up literally laughing out loud.


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