Here in my car. I feel safest of all.

I have had a form of the same recurring dream since I was a child.  I remember having it when I was around seven.  I think that was the first time.  In this dream, I am always in a car, in either the passenger seat or the back seat.  I’m never in the driver seat, but I am responsible for driving the car.  I will suddenly realize that I am supposed to be driving.  I proceed to try to get to the driver’s seat, which is always empty.  Sometimes getting there is difficult and sometimes it’s easy.  


I had the dream last night, and it was no problem for me to climb into the driver’s seat.  I just said, “Oh shit, I am supposed to be driving.”  I was a little confused, but climbed into the driver’s seat and pulled into an Auto Zone, trying to get away from a cop.  I walked in with an unopened tampon in my hand.  The guy asked me why I had it.  I got really embarrassed and walked out.  He followed me and I said, “Chill out, this was a social experiment.  There’s no need to freak out.”


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