The Way You Make Me Feel

I had a dream last night that was strange in the way that what I remember most about it is strong emotions.  It was like I was dreaming in photographs that evoked strong emotions.  And, in a way, memories (I think).  What I remember may actually be an amalgamation of all my dreams from the night.

I remember having a flash of getting things out of the car and no one helping me.  I felt white hot anger.  I also felt unappreciated.  I felt like yelling, punching, stomping my feet, doing ANYTHING to express my anger.  I am not really an angry person.  If I wanted someone to help me with the groceries, I would just ask.  I am not really a tantrum thrower. I also remember someone close to me getting married.  I had what I refer to as wedding feeling.  That combination of happiness, anxiety, hopefulness.  A swelling of emotion.

Does anyone else ever wake up remembering the emotion much more than the events of the dream?  I sometimes wake up feeling emotional and not really being able to put my finger on exactly why and how I feel that way.  I have also been mad at individuals for things that happen in my dream.  I realize it’s ridiculous but can’t always prevent it.


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