cocaine nose job

I have never done coke before, and I never will.  I don’t really judge people that have, I just feel like (because of the brother) it ruined a part of my life.  Yet, I dream about it semi-regularly.

Last night, I dreamed that I had to go to the doctor because baby and I were having migraines.  The doctor was my Granny.  She prescribed us a shit ton of lortabs, which I was happy about.  I didn’t want Voltron to  sell any, even though he wanted to.  Somehow, I started crushing them up, as though I was going to snort them (no, thank you!).  Then, I was like, “wait a minute, I think this is cocaine.”  Then, I realized this was all happening at  work.  I then realized I also had weed, and I was just walking around work with a bag of weed hanging out of my purse and a bunch of cocaine in my hand (sans bag).  I woke up as I was about to pee in the bathroom at work.



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