Partying hard? Hardly partying…

I had a party that just kept getting bigger and bigger, like the party I had on July 18, 1995.  I remember that date because that remains the largest party I have ever BEEN to, and it was at my house.  It was like every single person from my high school came and brought their brothers, sisters, and cousins.  It was an awful experience for me, first of all because I was dating a few different guys casually and they all showed up, and also because I spent the entire night trying to make sure people weren’t tearing my parents’ house apart.  I had to keep people from making long distance calls, from taking advantage of my friend who liked to get naked when he got drunk, from smoking in the house, and from fighting with each other.  There was one guy who kept kinda picking at my dog, and I told him if he fucked with my dog just one more time I was going to kick his ass.  I don’t say that kind of thing often so when I do, you should pay attention.  He did not, and I caught him giving my dog alcohol.  So that was the only time I have balled up my fist and punched someone in the face (and then kicked him out).

So this dream, it involved a similar party that was getting out of hand and I look in the back yard to discover that some jackasses back there are pouring solo cups of water on my dog, Annabelle.  One of them would pour water on her and when she ran away from him she would unknowingly run toward another asshole with a cup of water to pour on her.  I stormed out there screaming at them and they all ran into the woods behind my house.  I was so furious I wanted to KILL them, but instead I got a fire hose from the side of my house (wtf right) and thought, “I’ll show these assholes what it feels like to be scared and wet alright…”  That was it.


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