Home sweet- AAAAHHHHH!!

In this dream, my mother has obviously been helping me house/apartment hunt and she’s found something she’s excited to show me.  I’m excited about moving out, but when I walk into this house I’m automatically disappointed.  It’s the kitchen – there’s this huge hump on the floor.  I don’t know if you’ve ever been in a barn loft or old Victorian house that has become unlevel, but that’s exactly what this looks like, a big unlevel spot on the floor, as if a beam is trying its best to break through.  It is confusing to me because somehow in the dream I know that this is a one story and there’s no basement.  But regardless of this fact, there is this huge unlevel spot that I can’t believe my mother hasn’t noticed.  As I point it out to her I step on top of it to illustrate just how unlevel it is.  The floor starts to move beneath me though, and I look down to see that it is moving in all different directions, as if I have disturbed some creatures bedded up under the floor.  As they scatter they make waves in the linoleum that make me nauseous and terrified at the same time and I run from the house screaming.


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