Going down?

Last week I vividly – VIVIDLY – dreamed I was going down on a woman.  I couldn’t tell you who she is now, I forgot it too quickly, but in the dream I know it was a friend, or at least an acquaintance, someone I know.  I feel it was some experiment, some “I’ve never done this and neither have you, so why don’t we try it?” kind of thing.  Either way, I find myself between her legs.

I could tell it was normal, you know?  I mean her vajayjay.  And by normal I mean that it’s not like it was unkempt or dirty.  But I swear, the taste was so damn vivid.  It was the most vivid taste I’ve ever experienced in a dream.  And I get the “fishy” kind of thing I’ve heard some men say, but not tuna or something… it was more like a fine and light oyster, mixed with a semen taste.  Like a man’s semen only a little less salty and bitter, and way thinner and not as snotty feeling.  But the horrid thing about it was that it just keeps going on and on and on as long as I was down there.

BUT ISN’T THAT WEIRD???  I’ve never done that, I’ve never gone down on a woman.  And the possibility that that would ever happen is about .000000000001%.  In the dream, this wasn’t a turn on or anything, but it’s not like I was disgusted.  It was just like a science experiment or something.


5 Responses

  1. I believe in reincarnation, and I truly feel as though some dreams I have are remnants of one of my past lives. I know I’ve had dreams throughout my life that were seemingly more than dreams. I vaguely remember having a dream about pyramids and sphinxes when I was a small child (I’m talking 5 or 6). The way you describe everything, the detail you remember is remarkable. Perhaps your soul was remembering its old self.

  2. Maybe, that’s possible. I like to believe in reincarnation, but really I just kinda hope that’s actually true. In reality, I dunno. So while I would love to believe that’s why I remembered this in such detail, the scientific/rational (read: no fun) part of my brain wants to find a concrete non-spiritual explanation. So I mean, without being too gross and graphic (too late?) I have tasted myself … you know, by going down on a guy after he’s been inside me? So maybe the vivid taste was just my subconscious remember something I learned in this life… though the fact that it was all so vivid and that I actually dreamed a taste is pretty odd regardless.

    I’d love to think it was just my past life as a man surfacing in that dream. I absolutely feel that if reincarnation is a reality, I have spent a great deal of time having my very own penis. I’m just too enamored with the things.

  3. I often have recurring dreams that I have a penis.

  4. Wow, really Stardust? That’s kinda awesome. I only remember one dream in which I had a penis, and I was having sex with myself. It was actually pretty badass, what I remember of it. I want to have more Raisin-Girl-has-a-penis dreams.

  5. Yes, truly. I have lots of dreams that I have a penis. But I can never have an orgasm in the dreams. The scenarios are different, but that’s always the same. I am convinced I was a man in some past life (lives?).

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